Who We Are

We are a group of young professionals, ages 21-40, who are committed to improving ourselves for the purpose of creating a better community. It is our mission to ensure that every SFYP member has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. We believe that the most influential and powerful individuals become that way because they have core values instilled in them so deeply, that their entire lives revolve around those very core values; for us, it is no secret that our entire organization is built on the three tiers (our core values) of social, service and self-development, and our focus is on empowering our members through those with laser precision.

We are constantly striving to grow as people and members of society. Our self-development events allow our members to grow and become impactful people on their communities. We focus on “polishing” our members and developing them at the core through self-development events.

Giving is the quickest way to feel fulfilled. Our service events are designed to help our members give back to our community through an impactful way.

We strive to help our members develop personal and professional relationships with other young professionals through our social events.