Diamond Club

SFYP Diamond Club Members are those who have completed an entire series.

We create each series’ with the intention of giving our members the maximum impact possible. While attending workshops is great, their impact will quickly wear off if you do not commit to immersion; the act of completely committing yourself to implementing what you have learned.

By committing to immersion (instead of dabbling in the subject), our member’s retention is astronomically improved in comparison to those who only attend the workshops. While immersion is incredibly rewarding, it will push you to grow, cause you to be uncomfortable and it is VERY time-consuming, so we recognize the hard work and dedication of our members who complete the entire series.

When you get your first diamond, you will receive a pin as a token of your accomplishment and for every single diamond that you earn, you’ll also receive a diamond award to show off.

How To Earn Your Diamond:

  • Please apply here within 7 days after the first workshop of the series
  • Attend and participate in EVERY event of the series (including workshops, day of service, mid-series mixer and end of series celebration)
  • Attend and participate in our weekly mastermind call where we talk about various ideas within the theme of the series (calls are 30 minutes per week and you are disqualified from earning your diamond if you miss more than 2 calls for the series)
  • Be an advocate for SFYP in your workplace and in the community