Our leadership team is comprised of 5 members (appointed by the President) who are charged with the duties of:

  • Be A Paying Member of SFYP
  • Earn at Least 3 Diamonds
  • Planning and Executing Self-Development Events
  • Initiating the Day of Service Project for Each Series
  • Preparing and Hosting the End of Series Celebration
  • Choosing Topics For Our Mastermind Groups
  • Giving or Getting $300 Annually As A Sponsorship
  • Building Relationships With Our Members And Being A Resource For Them
  • Initiating and Implementing Innovative Projects Into Our Organization

The time requirement of our leadership team is about 3-5 hours per week. For information on joining our 2016-2017 Leadership Team, please contact Alexa at sfyoungpros@gmail.com.