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We believe that our generation has the unique ability to impact the future of our planet on a grander scale than any other generation before us.

With that in mind, we are charged with the duty of ensuring that our generation is prepared to bear that responsibility by giving our members the tools and resources they need to realize and pursue their own full potential, as well as take the necessary actions to work towards their full potential.

Our organization is driven by an obsession of becoming our very best selves. We pursue that mission through a laser focus on self-development, building character through service and building relationships through social events.

Our members have access to our connections and relationships with other organizations and unique opportunities, entrance into our Facebook Mastermind Group which is focused on surrounding you with high-level ideas and thought provoking discussions and our weekly mastermind group which is designed to immerse you in big thinking.

Each of our series are comprised of 4-6 of workshops, panels or simulations, a day of service, a social celebration at the end of the series and admission into our weekly mastermind group.

We are a registered nonprofit organization. In order to grow our organization and continue providing value, it is necessary for us to cover our expenses and have reserves to continue to keep bringing you incredible programs. You can cancel at any time if you don’t find value in SFYP.