“I am proud to say that I have been a member of SFYP for 2 years. Through out the years i have seen a significant change in the quality of the events and workshops. What started as a meet up group to meet young professionals morphed into a networking group that develops young professionals into our future leaders. After every workshop, I found myself saying “that was the best one yet” which shows that SFYP is heading in the right direction and is only going to get better. I eager to see what comes next!” – Jeff M (Diamond Club Member, Elevate 2016)


“SFYP has been a fresh, exciting and enlightening experience. My favorite part? Being a committed member of the Diamond Club. It is difficult for me to choose which mastermind session was the most informative but I will say that week after week, I look forward to sharing with a great group of professionals. The events are organized, relevant and diverse. I can’t wait to continue my journey towards excellence with the SFYP.” – Sharon L. (Diamond Club Member, Elevate 2016)


“ Elevate has been a series that allowed me to foster relationships with great people, further build my character and sense of urgency for success and hold myself accountable. Within this series alone I have been able to gain insights into the areas of financial health, physical health, that within my relationship and much more. SFYP as well and the all encompassing series has truly reignited the fire within to achieve the success that I know I am more than capable of achieving and stopping until every stone is turned. This series was powerful, encouraging, with so much passion but in one word, simply extraordinary!  – Stephanie F (Diamond Club Member, Elevate 2016)


 Great group of young professionals, Great networking experience! ” – Tiffany B.


 fantastic group ” – Tingting L.


 I was hesitant to come out to a group at first,I tend to be on the shy side. When I joined, Alexa called me to welcome me to the group and it helped me feel more at ease to get to an event. I’m so glad I joined; the people in this meet up are really warm and friendly. I’ve made some great friends, we have a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to expand your network both personally and professionally. ” – Miri E.


 SFYP is a great group of people. All the events are well organized and every one is friendly and welcoming. This is a great place to meet people in all kinds of industries. Come out and see why this is the best professional group in South Florida! ” – Anthony B.


 SFYP has been a great group to be a part of with consistent meet ups and events. Good network of friendly ambitious members. Glad to be a part of it and excited for the future of the group. ” – Marquis E.


 So glad to be apart of a great group of people who are not only motivated and ambitious but also a lot of FUN! If you are looking to meet genuine individuals who will help you in your career and personal life… join this group right NOW! ” – Clarissa G.


 Hands down one of the best young professional groups out there. Friendly, welcoming, and successful people. Alexa is the best. You walk in the door and she greets you, introduces you to people in your industry, and makes sure you, as an individual are never bored. Don’t expect to be able to sit quietly in a corner all alone. I mentioned friendly, but they make a point to see that everyone is being engaged in conversation. It’s a great way to meet new people, make business connections, and grow as individual and as a professional. ” – Brian S.


 I’m new to the South Florida area, so SFYP has been a great way for me to network personally and professionally. Everyone in the group are driven individuals that loves to express their ideas, help the community, and demonstrate there talents. Whether someone in a local, or new to the area like myself, this group is for any young professional! ” – Danielle S. 


Great people, great vibes, and great environment. If you are new you will be welcomed at any event with open arms. If you are looking to network with a purpose while being yourself, this is the group for you!” – Brandon B.


what a great group of intelligent , fun and engaging individuals , everyone is very nice and sociable and super easy to start fruitful conversations with. had so many fun events , looking forward for many more.” – Sherif F.


This is the best networking group that I have had the fortune to be a part of. Never a dull moment and at every event you get to meet some interesting people from all parts of the world!” – Jeff M.


Love it! Great meeting everyone it was such a blast and good enviorment. ” – Allison D.